I worked on the R&D of Mike Elliston’s TRAILER/trash a few years ago, and we finally got to take it to the stage. A few rewrites later after receiving feedback from Timberlake Wertenbaker (a real fan of the piece) and Ricki Beadle-Blair, we were ready to go! The Arts Council supported us in taking the project further and we had sold out shows at the excellent Quarry Theatre, Bedford.

Shyanne and Frankie were able to renew their friendship under the expert eyes of actors, Rayna Campbell and Isabelle Bonfrer. We had tears in the audience every performance, as well as raucous laughter. Mike’s writing really jolts an audience into responding – it’s dynamic, confronting, and full of character.

We had mentorship and support from trans rights ambassador, Joanne Lockwood, who brought a posse of LGBTQ+ audience members, and ran post-show talks, which were well attended and responded to.

It is a show I am most proud of, and here’s hoping that we can take this baby on tour.