Directing Shakespeare


Always do what you are afraid to do.

I was never a fan of Shakespeare. No let me make that clearer. I loved the stories, and the characters, but I just couldn’t seem to make the language lift off the page. Working with Lizzie Conrad Hughes sorted that out, and over the course of my creative relationship with her, my passion for ‘The Bard’ has become nigh on insatiable, as a director, performer and teacher.

Together we have worked on Shakespeare:Bites, Twelfth Night & Shakespeare:Direct (cue script acting without rehearsal).



Our first collaboration was to run a course which blended Shakespeare teaching with Meisner concepts leading to a fully realised original show. Ambitious it was. We produced five separate shows, using a mixture of plays and combining characters to create stories set at the eve of a wedding, following an uprising in a mental alsylum, a protestors’ camp the night before, and a Game of Thrones-inspired war.  

Directing these pieces took a lot of faith in the actors’ abilities to realise the tutition they had received over only 8 sessions, before we threw ourselves into a theatre and constructed the staging and the mise en scène.