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In recent years I have found myself teaching more and more non-actors. My acting experience and training is very adaptable, it shares strong similaries with NLP and CBT. My clients range from people requiring life coaching, performance anxiety regarding public speaking, a desire to be more emotionally intelligent. I have coached clients working in TEDx, MTV, Escape the City, NHS.

I am an advocate of honesty, emotional connection, getting the attention off yourself and onto your clients, your product, your colleagues, your message. It requires humility from you, and a commitment to becoming the best possible version of yourself.

To work with me, I am bookable on a one-to-one basis. I also offer group workshops, large or small. To get an idea of the types of services I offer, have a look at the case studies below.


Sam Moyo is the founder and creative director of global brand, Morning Gloryville. She was invited by TedX East London to talk to them about her story, and the origin of the morning clubbing revolution (no booze!) Sam was extremely nervous, intimidated by a formal public speaking gig. Together we wrote her speech, working on her message and the most comfortable and ‘her’ way to present it. The result was an experience which empowered her, and had Basement Jaxx turn up to DJ at the end of the speech (a TedX first!)

Escape the City

Escape the city is the home of The 21st Century Career. Careers are changing. Fast. Escape the City help talented professionals escape unfulfilling jobs and transition into the new world of work.

I was brought in to guide a ‘tribe’ through a morning of freeing, challenging and emotionally demanding exercises. These brave people had been working with Escape the City for a number of months, dealing with their dissatisfactions with their 9-5 jobs. Through personal development, group bonding, inspiring tutors and talks, they are supported to realise a new career path.

I was brought in to help them connect to their passion and each others. We ran a crazy warm up, and then focussed the energy on each other, reading behaviour, discovering emotional connection, and how to be honest about yourself and each other. The result was one of grounded, authentic connection between the group.

We finished off with some fun with deeply emotional Shakespeare lines, encouraging everyone to get up in front of each other and ‘give it a go!



MTV called me in to work with a teenager on their new show, Fired by Mum and Dad. The show follows these teenagers as they are given the chance to work in a dream job. Needless to say, they have been picked for the show on purpose, and as such have clear behavioural issues.

I was brought in to run a filmed Anger Management session with one of the show’s kids. It was a strange mixture of my disciplines, but one that really worked for me, and for the clients. We set up situations for him to improvise being in, that encouraged him to get angry. Then, in the moment, I directed him through some different coping mechanisms, enabling him to have a deeper connection to his feelings and equipping him with the ability to take control over them.

I got to practice my presenting skills too, so everyone got something out of it!

If you’d like to talk to me about how I could help you, simply complete my contact form, on the sidebar.